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Born from the gold rush settlements, the city of Denver to this day continues to be an economic superpower in the country. With its populace inheriting the natural business-mindedness of its ancestors, it’s no wonder that companies specializing in SEO in Denver are increasing in number, as more and more local entrepreneurs are deciding to join the digital market.

With its rich culture and history, the city is proud to showcase its heritage through the Denver Art Museum while embracing the future with the innovations of the Denver Performing Arts Complex. These structures are a symbol of the duality of the city, as it looks both to the past and future, with its people journeying forward successfully in the world of business.

However, as the digital market continues to gain traction over the years, if you’re a budding business in the city, you must shift to online marketing as well. You’ll be able to open new doors in the industry as you engage with more customers through web marketing and online advertising. However, doing so will require expertise and knowledge on the subject.

If you want to successfully launch your company in the first few months, you should hire a marketing agency such as Local SEO Search Inc. to help you. Before you do so, you should first learn the basics of website aesthetic design and how you can use it to your advantage.

Digital or Internet Marketing using Color Psychology

Digital or Internet Marketing using Color Psychology

The 2 factors that heavily influence the look of your brand are the colors and fonts used. As each type will express a certain message on the collective customer mentality, you should be careful in choosing them. To ensure that you are sending the right message, find out how it works and affects your online customer engagement.

Colors may mean differently for every person, depending on where they’re from, what they grew up with, and their personal experiences. However, certain universal colors mean the same to all of us, as it is rooted in our collective consciousness.  The study of color psychology aims to determine the emotions being evoked, which can then be applied during the branding and design process of your company website or brand.

This strategic use of colors is commonly utilized by every Denver SEO expert such as those from Local SEO Search Inc, during the website development process. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the color palette that best represents your values and services as a company. Here is a quick rundown of the colors that you could choose from, which can help you build a memorable brand:

  • Red

Emanating intensity and vitality, the color red is one of the most popular shades used in branding. Depending on the brightness or amount of color used in the design, it can give your products and services a brand of excitement, passion, energy, and action. Companies like Coca-cola use red to activate appetite among their customers, while CNN uses red as a subconscious reminder to viewers that their content is important.

Red also has the longest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum, which means that it can travel farthest and can easily catch the eye. That is why stop lights are red as they can easily alert any driver from a far distance. If you want to personify your brand with these evoked emotions, make sure to include an abundance of red in your web design and development.

It’s also a helpful local SEO strategy as red is included in the Denver flag, which can give nearby potential customers a sense of belongingness to your products or services.

  • Orange

Commonly associated with a sunrise or sunset at the edge of the horizon, orange personifies a sense of adventure, enthusiasm, and creativity that reminds people of the expression of a person riding off into the sunset.

This association alone gives your brand a feeling of intrigue and enthusiasm for customers when viewing your services or products. Companies like easyJet Airlines and Mozilla Firefox use this color as a prominent design in their logos to give their target audience the thrill of creating discoveries and trying out novel experiences.

In short, the color orange inspires action, which in turn will be reflected in your brand. However, orange can be quite difficult to match with other complementary colors due to its bold shade. To choose the best palette combination, make sure to hire a Denver SEO consultant whom you can collaborate with during the design process.

  • Yellow

Often linked with endless summers, happiness, optimism, and youth, yellow is among the most positive emotion-evoking colors around. Used by McDonald’s, Best Buy, and Nikon, these companies take advantage of its natural color association to make their products livelier.

It’s also very visible during nighttime and daytime, as our eyes are well-adapted to detect this prominent daylight color. Incorporating this color into your logo and website design is also a helpful local SEO strategy for Denver businesses as it is part of the Denver flag.

  • Pink

Light, playful, and caring, the color pink, which has been traditionally associated with femininity, has gradually broken down this box, as it shows versatility in its shades and meanings. Using it in your brand logo and website design can evoke a sense of inner strength, sophistication, and charm.

However, it can be quite difficult to match with other bold colors, so it’s best that you try a monochrome look, or pair it with other softer tones to avoid too much contrast. SEO experts for Denver entrepreneurs can guide you on when and where to use this.

  • Green

Green is considered to be the most versatile in color psychology due to its ability to associate itself with a plethora of meanings, depending on the context of the design. If your company is more focused on organic and eco-industries, then green can usher in a sense of lush vitality, freshness, and life into the brand.

Companies such as Whole Foods, Perrier, and John Deere, use this association to implicitly tell their customers that their products are always fresh. On the other hand, if your product is high-end and expensive, green can be used to evoke a feeling of overflowing wealth and money.

A shade of green is often used by clothing brands as a logo and product accent, such as Gucci to remind people of the exclusivity of their products. Depending on what your business is all about, make sure to be careful with green as it can go both ways. You may ask for help from expert SEO services in Denver like Local SEO Search Inc.

  • Blue


The color of the ocean and the endless sky, blue represents stability, peace, and harmony. However, due to its cool tone, it can also signify the coming of winter and loneliness. This color has a 2-way color association that you should tread lightly.

Companies like Facebook, PayPal, Visa, and American Express are trying to convey the message of communal harmony among their customers, which can foster a sense of trust among customers.

If you want your company to focus on such values, make sure to use this color. It’s also part of the Denver flag palette, so including it in your logo or website is a helpful SEO technique to focus on Denver consumers. It can signal nearby customers that you are a native budding entrepreneur, who understands the local customer’s lifestyles and needs.

  • Purple

Traditionally used by royalty, this uncommon shade is often used by high-end brands that cater to a specific clientele who can afford their services or products. The deeper the shade, the more sophisticated it will seem.

As a budding business that wants to cater to a wider audience demographic, you should consult with your Denver SEO agency first if it reflects your brand or desired consumer association.

  • White

Often linked to innocence and goodness, the color white is a common choice for a website or logo shade palette that aims to sell these values as well. Businesses that sell hygienic products use this color to associate their company with sterility and purity. It’s also a common choice in Denver website development as it showcases the best readability, making the black texts and fonts pop out.

  • Black

Elegant, mysterious, and sophisticated, the color black has been used by powerful figures to showcase their importance. Similarly, you can use this color in your design to make it more reliable and trustworthy among consumers.

It subconsciously influences their minds to think of your brand as more legitimate and of high quality. It’s also a helpful color to imply negative space, which is very helpful in web page design for Denver businesses as it contrasts with white.

  • Gray and Brown

Neutral and plain, both of these colors symbolize balance and stability, which evokes a calming emotion from consumers. Both also complement each other greatly when it comes to emulating earthy rusticness.
If your brand wants to promote such an aesthetic, make sure to incorporate them in your logo and Denver-focused website design. However, you have to be careful when utilizing them as they can come off as too plain and boring.

Importance of Typography to Web Design

Importance of Typography to Web Design

Fonts can play a huge role in your website’s online performance. With a single font choice, you can greatly alter the appearance and overall look of your content. It can even affect the message that you’re trying to communicate and imply the credibility of the information that you’re posting.

If you want your content to portray a sense of professionalism, make sure to collaborate with expert Denver website creators from Local SEO Search Inc. for help. Here is a quick rundown on how typography can significantly alter your website and content:

  • Carves a Path of Readability

Depending on the size and boldness of the fonts used, you can guide your readers along the website. The bigger and bolder the font, the more important the info is. By using this analogy, you can use fonts to create a path of readability among readers where they can follow an information hierarchy.

This way, they won’t be confused with what they’re reading and understand which are the main ideas and details. A good  Denver web design agency will be able to assist you with their layout expertise.

  • Catches the Reader’s Attention

The job of a Denver web developer is to make your site as attractive as possible. They can achieve that visually, by making your font stand out appropriately. Redesigning it may lead to a cluttered look, while making it too plain may make it forgettable.

With the proper balance in size, boldness, and design, you’ll be able to find the right font for your logos, website headers, and article titles.

  • Conveys an Emotion

Depending on what you’re trying to sell, or what your brand’s values are, your typography should reflect that as well. If you want to be playful, make sure to use outrageous designs. If you want to be more serious, make sure to use elegant styles.

  • Creates Harmony

Creates Harmony

Website builders often prioritize design balance in their process. This way, when people visit your site, they won’t get lost in the clutter of all the information that they will be reading. One way that you can achieve that balance is by aligning your fonts in a pattern, such that it creates a continuous and harmonious look.

  • Reflects Professionalism

As a budding business, one of the challenges that you’ll have to overcome is to effectively establish your company’s legitimacy. One of the subtle ways that you can do that is through the fonts on your website.

If you want to have that air of professionalism, make sure to use the appropriate typographical choices that will reflect the same values. This choice should depend on the current trends of the digital market, so just be mindful of what you pick.

  • Builds Company Presence

Establishing a company presence and fostering that familiarity among local consumers is something that every brand aims to achieve. Fonts can help you do that by giving your company a signature look that people will recognize right away.

If you’re trying to apply SEO techniques focused on Denver, make sure to use logo or website colors that are similar to the city’s flag and fonts that reflect the people’s general temperament. Doing so will help you connect with your customers better as it will make your business more recognizable to them.

Your success in the online market relies heavily on how your website and content can interact with both the customers and search engine algorithms. The more engaging your SEO content is, the more likely you’ll increase your search ranking and generate traffic.
A reliable SEO company like Local SEO Search Inc. can help you achieve this, as they offer various SEO packages for their clients. However, digital marketing does not only rely on these technical elements.

Certain visual cues will help you increase your website’s connection with its audience, without having to rely on basic search engine optimization techniques. That is the proper use of color and fonts.

Each pigment or shade, design, or size represents an idea or meaning that you can use to your advantage during your branding process. Make sure to use this info to get that edge in the digital market. Contact Local SEO Search Inc. now so we can recommend a good website design and SEO campaign that fits your business and budget.