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Famously known as the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll; the city of Memphis is more than just a tourist spot for Elvis fans with the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. It’s also the city where you can look back on history and remember the spirit of liberation with the National Civil Rights Movement Museum.

Being the place associated with 2 Kings (Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King Jr.), Memphis is truly a city of new ideas, bold decisions, and boundless creativity, which are evident in its people, as companies that offer Memphis SEO services have been popping up in recent years.

With budding business owners aiming to expand their reach with Memphis-focused online marketing, help from a local Memphis marketing agency like Local SEO Search Inc. can allow them to reach new heights in the industry.

However, online advertising in Memphis, or any local area for that matter, is quite different when compared to general strategies. With a more targeted and specific demographic, you’ll need to carefully calibrate your techniques so that your Memphis-focused SEO content will be able to resonate with your audience.

This will require Memphis-focused or local SEO techniques and clever marketing psychology theories for your web marketing. What exactly are these Memphis-focused search engine optimization techniques that you should get a head start on? Learn some recommendations from Local SEO Search Inc.

Local SEO Search Inc. Recommendations for Digital or Internet Marketing

Local SEO Search Inc. Recommendations for Digital or Internet Marketing

Before you embark on your Memphis-focused SEO journey, make sure to take note of the following recommendations:

  • Build Trust

Building trust with your audience in the online world can be quite a difficult thing to achieve, where plagiarism, disinformation, clickbait content, and scams run rampant.

However, for a business, centering your content, campaigns, and services on the truth is essential for you to successfully increase your audience reach and website authority. To foster this trust, we apply some tried and tested Memphis-focused SEO techniques that can help you highlight your brand reliability to consumers, while not coming off as too righteous or trying too hard.

A landing page, where your audiences first visit your site, will include features like testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients, social media engagement, number of subscribers, client logos that you’ve collaborated with, security badges, and third-party certifications from government agencies.

By having these types of content on your website, we’ll be able to physically show proof to your customers that you are a company to be trusted with.

  • Educate and Reciprocate

Educate and Reciprocate

Reciprocity with your customers is also crucial in online marketing. The relationship between business and consumers is give-and-take. Customers allow companies to grow as they invest in them by buying products and availing services, while companies help their customers satisfy their needs with their commodities.

However, another way to give back and show your gratitude to your online audience is to create informative content. By our creation of how-to guides, you’re offering an information service that your customers will greatly appreciate.

The best thing about its online nature is that this type of content can be delivered via videos, social media infographics, and email subscription articles. To help you produce high-quality content make sure to hire a Memphis SEO consultant from Local SEO Search Inc.

  • Be Committed to Consistency

Fostering organic engagement and stable traffic in social media and on your websites can be difficult to generate without a loyal audience to interact with you. To achieve that, we show your customers that there are benefits to enjoy by following your posts and content.

You have to be consistent and committed to creating high-quality content with follow-through. If you’ve promised a discount or offered a coupon on your posts, we make sure that they are valid and working.

Having a company that is unclear on its campaigns can easily ward off its customers. We make sure to update if we release any kind of content that deals with follow-throughs. For example, when a limited offer has expired then it will be removed from the content or site. To help you manage this better, you can ask for help from us, your leading SEO services in Memphis.

  • Create Clout

Influence plays a crucial role in social media and online marketing. For your audience to believe that your product and services are worth their time, we help prove to them that you are trustworthy.

Tooting your own horn by creating self-improving articles all the time may come off wrong. Instead, we can build links that can promote your product for you. With the advent of YouTube and Instagram, social media platforms have risen in popularity due to their ability to connect with their audiences on a more personal level and create content that is targeted.

By linking with a social media account, you are taking a step forward toward your customers. This “social proof” works best when your content has generated a decent amount of engagement, which will be followed by a snowball of shares and likes as well.

Just remember that you don’t have to constantly have your posts and campaigns have the maximum number of likes as soon as possible. It just has to reach a certain amount so it can create a buzz for it to trigger a viral moment.

  • Build Authority 

Online authority is one of the metrics that search engine algorithms use to rank websites and social media profiles. This is usually influenced by different factors such as your organic traffic, content relevance, and use of keywords.

As a business moving to the virtual world, we help cultivate that authority for you to have the greatest amount of exposure. Our goal is to reach the first search engine result page (SERP) every time there’s a connected search to your business.

Doing so can be difficult to achieve when done by yourself, especially with the thousands of content and website created daily. To make sure that you stand out, we will optimize all your chosen SEO packages in Memphis to increase your authority. This can also be done by localizing your content and making it more tailored for your target audience.

  • Collaborate with Influencers 

Influencers are the new celebrities of today. With a wide influence over their specific niches, these individuals can allow your business to reach out to your audience directly.

However, the tricky part about choosing the influencer that you want to represent your services and products is that they have to portray the brand and image of your company as well. They have to share the same values, content, and virtues.

Before deciding on which influencer to sponsor or who to hire, make sure that you have carefully sieved through the different choices available. Doing so will require in-depth knowledge of social media and an understanding of today’s trends and issues especially with “cancel culture” afoot.

  • Create a Scarcity

Diamonds are sought after for their rarity. This same principle and mentality among consumers will work for your business as well. By manufacturing a scarcity around your product or service, you are increasing the appeal of the commodity value.

This can be achieved through an orchestrated effort between your marketing and production teams wherein you can create limited versions of slightly improved products or services.

You can also offer limited-time discount offers, special sale days, and coupons. However, you also have to be careful in putting a price on these limited offers, as customers can easily see through the genuineness of your product’s and service’s quality. For you to better manage these projects, make sure to hire a local Memphis SEO agency like Local SEO Search Inc. for help.

  • Offer Decoys 

Decoy pricing is a common strategy used in traditional marketing, which you can apply to the online world as well. For example, if you want to sell a specific product size or variant, put it side by side with the same product, which is either downgraded or upgraded for a slight price change.

By having this small gap between them, customers will be more likely to buy the original product you are basing your adjustments on as they will see it as the best choice among the variants. However, you also have to be careful about where you anchor your original price to ensure that they won’t settle for the cheaper alternative instead.

  • Prime the Customers

Customers buy products by using both their emotions and cognitive skills. By weighing the pros and cons, you can easily adjust your products to make sure that it fits right in the middle.

However, what if you have other companies doing the same things as well? For you to stand out, we help you appeal to the emotional decisions of your clients as well. This can be done by casing a campaign of a saying, slogan, or story that reflects the values of your company.

Doing so will prime your customers right away on why they should choose yours compared to other products. By having character, you are showing to your customers that when they buy your products, they’re not only buying the commodity itself but also the feeling that the product will give them.

  • Frame your Brand

Framing your brand’s products and services from different perspectives on how they will affect your customers’ lives can be one of the trickiest things to do. With social issues and trends constantly updating, you have to root the message of your company’s values in virtues that are timeless and forever relevant.

The more positive your products’ framing is, the less likely will consumers consider risk and vice versa. Think carefully about your framing strategies before you publish them, to avoid provoking negative clout instead.

  • Gamify Products

Gamification is considered to be one of the most commonly used strategies in traditional marketing, but there’s a reason why it’s so. We can help create and advertise a competition around your products, which can trigger the natural dopamine or happy hormone system of the human mind, where winning can give them a happy feeling.

By giving them the chance to win at something, you are reinforcing this positive feeling that they will be happy to act on your products or services.

  • Carve a Niche

Human beings, since the dawn of man, have always been inclined to form tribes and groups. You can use this evolutionary response to your marketing campaigns, by turning your company into a group where they can belong.

By creating a manifesto, set of values, or members-only group for your company, you can encourage more customers to interact with you, since they can feel this sense of belongingness.

Using Psychology in Web Design

Using Psychology in Web Design

Psychology and website design, from Memphis to the world, have always worked hand-in-hand. Creating a simple custom Memphis-focused web page design that has enough features to trigger a subconscious process of purchasing and interaction amongst customers can be challenging to achieve.

With the help of a Memphis web design agency, like Local SEO Search Inc. you’ll be able to subtly incorporate effective Memphis SEO strategies into the following:

  • Color

Color can signify different meanings and provoke certain emotions depending on the culture of a demographic.

If you’re aiming to target audiences within Memphis, you can use the city’s flag colors on your website palette to show them that you know their needs better and offer a sense of unity. This helpful Memphis SEO technique is very simple but it can do wonders for your online engagement.

  • Fonts


Depending on what kind of content you’re delivering (whether it’s formal, informative, fun, or casual) make sure that your fonts also reflect it.

Having fonts that clash with the message that you’re trying to share can negatively affect how your customers interact with your brand. Make sure to check in with your local Memphis website creators for better font matching.

  • Space

The principles of website development in Memphis and around the world are the same when it comes to the use of space.

Be it negative or white space, proper spacing between your texts, images, and website features can greatly affect how your customers perceive your virtual space. If it’s crammed or cluttered, then it will leave a bad impression.

  • Cohesion

Gestalt psychology states that the whole is greater than its parts. This means, that when it comes to website design & development, you have to make sure that all your on-page elements work together.

They should all be properly placed so that they can guide the customers throughout the page. To achieve this, make sure to hire an expert Memphis web developer for help.

  • Shapes

Different shapes can portray various meanings. For Memphis website builders, these shapes can allow them to send out different subtle values toward your customers. Triangles and squares often signal stability and professionalism while circles and ovals emulate continuity.

Horizontal lines express calm, while vertical lines express dynamism. When applying these shapes and lines, make sure to use them appropriately to ensure that they don’t clash with your company’s content or branding.

Collaborating with a Memphis SEO company like Local SEO Search Inc. is a great way to put your business to a good start. Since the Internet can be a wild place, filled with design technicalities, algorithm rules, and hundreds of data, having an SEO expert from Memphis to guide you through the process is advised.

Don’t make the mistake of walking blindly down the path of online advertising. Make sure to have a professional from Local SEO Search Inc. around to guide you. We offer various SEO packages to fit your needs. Contact us now for a free SEO consultation.