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Home to the NBA’s OKC Thunder and the city’s National Memorial & Museum, you may only think of Oklahoma as a destination for tourists hoping to experience a weekend getaway. You would be mistaken once you set foot in the city, as they also offer a plethora of high-quality products and services.

Most businesses especially the small and medium types in the city have realized the value of doing business online. They understood the need for online advertising for a wider market reach.

Small-time businesses have been thriving in Oklahoma for years, and this may be why Oklahoma SEO tech companies have started popping up, offering similar SEO services such as Local SEO Search Inc., to cater to the vision and goals of aspiring entrepreneurs.

With the advent of online marketing focused on Oklahoma, it’s only high time that they emerge into the mainstream as well. They can best do that by hiring a marketing agency like Local SEO Search Inc. to help them compete with mainstream brands.

However, the problem that most beginners face, when investing in Oklahoma-focused search engine optimization techniques, is not knowing where to stop and how much effort to put in. This could lead to website design and advertising frequency dilemmas.

Advertising Frequency in Digital or Internet Marketing

Advertising Frequency in Digital or Internet Marketing

With thousands of information published by the minute on the Internet, it can be quite difficult to process all of them. Since most of the information is coming from businesses (hoping to promote their products and services) one of the problems that potential consumers often face is ad fatigue.

This sudden aversion to ads and promotional content is experienced by browsers when they are overwhelmed with too much technical information on every platform from your product or services.

There comes a point when your persistence to take the spotlight from your competitors will come off as annoying and trying too hard. How can you balance your ad frequency and reach so it doesn’t put off your potential customers?

You need to focus on using your SEO packages and techniques wisely. You can always ask for help from a professional Oklahoma SEO agency such as Local SEO Search Inc. for better management.

Before calling an Oklahoma SEO expert to diagnose what’s wrong with your current marketing and SEO content, you need to understand first the basics of ad frequency and why it’s important to control it. Ad frequency, in general, refers to the number of times a person is exposed to your promotional advertisements, within a certain time.

With the right number, this can lead to brand recall and better engagement. However, if you’re doing it too much (infiltrating every aspect of their internet experience) then it could lead to detachment.

To avoid this, you need to learn more about ad frequency and why you must continue to regulate it. To start here is a simple guide:

  • Find your Optimum Ad Frequency

Online ad noise is real and it can be deafening to your consumers. The optimum ad frequency is hard to calculate and it’s arbitrarily different for everyone. However, experts suggest that the best number for ad exposure is 7.

This means that an average consumer should only be exposed to your content at most, 7 times. With the abundance of advertisement channels, it can be quite difficult to determine where to place those 7 precious appearances.

How can you only use 7 ads to promote your business on all available platforms? The trick is to not stick to the suggested number. Instead, you can add more promotional content, as long as it’s diversified and relevant.

Promotional content should catch the attention of your consumers. If it’s repetitive on all platforms, then it will only reflect your one-dimensional ideology and plain laziness. Investing in content diversification by hiring an Oklahoma SEO company for help will allow you to showcase your versatility as a company to your customers, which they will highly appreciate.

Despite this, control is still advised. Too much content may come off as spammy and less may lead to decreased engagement. Try to find your range by measuring your current ad resonance and reach. This way you’ll be able to properly calculate the best number for your optimum ad frequency.

  • Understand Ad Fatigue

Understand Ad Fatigue

Ad fatigue, as explained earlier, occurs when there is a sudden drop in engagement. This can be easily detected through the lowering of click-through rates, which indicates that people are no longer viewing your site.

If you want to turn around the situation and avoid underperformance, the best way to combat that is through ad rotation.

This refers to a revamp of an entire promotional campaign line, which will include the redesigning of new content and the phasing out of old ones. It also entails rescheduling some ads in different cycles, so they don’t get too old right away.

  • Optimize Ad Campaigns

Investing in ad campaigns doesn’t have to be overly expensive. You just have to find the right intensity, so you can cap your spending and ad frequency rate. Doing so will help you increase your campaign’s efficiency in generating new leads while saving more money, which you can redirect for future investments.

Similarly, you can also create an impression cap that calculates how much of the targeted audience you would like to reach. This way, you’ll be able to gradually gain new clients without overwhelming your capacity.

To do this, you need to start locally, by investing in SEO strategies aimed at Oklahoma residents. By focusing on your local vicinity, you’ll be able to foster a loyal following that will support your business in the coming months.

  • Understand Exposure Vs. Frequency

Additionally, it’s also important that you understand the concept of the difference between frequency and exposure. These numbers may seem synonymous, but they are a bit different, though both have a connection.

Business exposure in the online market refers to the reach of your campaigns on different platforms. Frequency on the other hand refers to how often it is seen on those platforms.

For your local SEO strategies to effectively work, you need to control both factors. If you plan to increase your product’s exposure, then you should also plan on diversifying your content as well, so that ad fatigue can be avoided.

If you have similar content topics, then you should limit the frequency and cap it, to avoid your consumers losing interest.

  • Mind Your Competitors

Now that you’ve found your frequency rate, you must compare your current strategies to your competitors as well. As they are also advertising their products, you must get heard as well.

In a cluttered online environment, the best ad frequency is at least 4 to 5 times, to ensure that you don’t get buried under the pile. You should also consider the platforms on which your competitors are posting to ensure that they don’t get to your target audience first.

Make sure to find, or even create, the right forums, groups, and niches first, so you will be able to outpace other brands. Minding your competitors is a typical SEO technique useful for Oklahoma entrepreneurs, so don’t view it as cheating because it only makes sense to know your opponent’s moves.

  • Utilize the Right Timing

Every social media platform has its peak hours of engagement. Posting your content during low activity hours will only be a waste of time and investment as it will only reach fewer audiences.

Along with ad frequency and exposure, you also need to think of when to post your content. With the right time frame, you’ll be able to garner the ad frequency rate that you desire in the shortest amount of time.

Being consistent with your campaign’s frequency and quality will also foster more loyalty among customers as they will view your company as more reliable and trustworthy. You can always ask for help from an Oklahoma SEO consultant for proper posting schedules.

  • Focus on Simplicity

Ads and content should be stimulating enough so that it catches your customers’ attention but they shouldn’t be overly complicated that it discourages them from engaging.

To avoid ad fatigue while you’re increasing your ad frequency, you must fashion out a campaign that has a comprehensive message that can easily be understood with a simple visual design.

A good rule of thumb is if you’re average consumer will skip your ad right away, then it’s not engaging enough. Make sure that you hook them with a simple message and eye-catching campaigns.

User Interface in Web Design

User Interface in Web Design

A website’s user-friendliness is key to successful online engagement. A good Oklahoma-focused web page design should have the ability to cater to all their customer’s FAQs and needs with ease of navigation and control.

It’s important in website development that you focus on customer experience. This means that the User Interface (UI) should be prioritized. Simply put, UI refers to the manipulation of the website’s elements.

A good UI design should be simple, easily controlled, and navigable. There are several ways to achieve this, but you can always hire good Oklahoma website creators from companies like Local SEO Search Inc.

With their aid, you’ll be able to upgrade your current Oklahoma-focused SEO techniques and gain new customers in the process. While moving things forward, here are some basic facts on what an excellent UI design should be:

  • Place Navigable Menus

Menus on your website should be visible. Putting them on top or side is the most optimal location, and they should have legible labels. Your menu should also have well-installed inbound links so that when the user clicks on them, it will redirect them to the proper page.

If you have plenty of elements in your website, you can hire an Oklahoma web developer to help you manage them to ensure that they don’t crash during loading, or clutter up your website.

  • Use Simple Layout

Use Simple Layout

When planning site layouts with website builders, always remember to make the design simple. You might think that making it complicated will mean that you put more effort into it, but chances are it will confuse your customers.

Make sure to stick with the current trends of website design & development that focus on simple blocks and placements. You can add personal touches to it, but remember to always prioritize simplicity.

  • Conduct Usability Testing

Once you’ve created your website, make sure to conduct usability testing first. This can be done through a survey to ensure a variety of users interact with your site, which you can then use for improvements.

To do this, you may ask any local Oklahoma web design agency if they offer that in their packages for convenience.

  • Be Consistent

Customers love consistency in a product or brand. When dealing with a new design, make sure to follow that theme throughout the site. The entire website interfacing experience should be consistent enough so that visitors can navigate through it instinctively.

  • Ask for the User’s Opinion

The opinion of your customers during their interface with your website is crucial. Since they are the ones who are personally engaged with your design, how they view and interact with the website will represent the experience of your target audience. Make sure to record their responses for future design modifications.

A city having one of the largest livestock markets in the world, Oklahoma, is the country’s precious gem. This proud city does not limit itself to the labels of travel guides. Instead of focusing on as a tourist destination, like most cities, Oklahoma City also stands as an economic beacon across the nation. Its citizens also aim to lift their city higher with every business venture that they open up.

For budding businesses who want to enter the world of web marketing, investing in a good SEO company is a surefire way to success. With these tips on ad frequency and UI experience laid out, you can achieve your business goals.

However, as with any successful business, the trick lies with proper delegation. This will help you devote more of your time and effort to running your business. Delegate your social media marketing, website design & development, and SEO campaign to a reputable company like Local SEO Search Inc. Contact us now for a free consultation.