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Daycare Digital Marketing

Taking care of children all day is no easy task. It can be downright exhausting – but it’s your specialty, and you love having a daycare business.

One of the things that can be more challenging than caring for kids, though, is caring for a business. It takes a lot of effort to keep your paperwork in order, your staff up-to-date, and your business in the public eye. Unfortunately, if you don’t do a great job with marketing, your whole business will struggle.

Fortunately, just like you specialize in child care, our specialty is daycare center online advertising. Working together we can help your business thrive.

What Is Daycare SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Everyone starts their search for services online. Parents looking for child care services are not different. They enter a phrase into Google such as “daycare near me,” or “high-quality child care.”

When they do, will they see your business front-and-center?

Daycare centers with internet marketing as their focus can confidently say yes. Being found on the internet isn’t magic – it’s simply about implementing the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and boosting your business profile.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Most small business owners find that they don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to really get their digital marketing where it needs to go. That’s why they outsource to Local SEO Search.

Unlike other agencies, we are small business experts. We don’t give all of our clients the same cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we do a deep-dive into your company’s specific needs before we craft a plan.

We’ve helped over 10,000 local and small businesses succeed, and we’d love to help you as well. We make it easy – simply set up a free 30-minute consultation where you can ask questions and find out how we can boost your bottom line.

The Power of Local SEO in Daycare Center Online Advertising

You might think that because you’re a small local business, you have a disadvantage when it comes to internet marketing. In fact, the opposite is true!

Google focuses on serving up relevant search results for each user’s entry. That means when someone enters a specific town or neighborhood, Google works hard to show them businesses in that exact area.

You know that people can’t choose a daycare center that’s located just anywhere. It needs to be convenient to where they live and work. That’s why including locally-focused keywords for daycare centers’ internet marketing is so powerful.

Your online marketing strategies will be most effective if your website is optimized for keywords that include your city, neighborhood, or street name. Parents searching for child care are naturally going to include these phrases in their online searches.

When you have claimed your Google My Business profile and take other steps to maximize your daycare marketing online, you also have a strong chance to show up in Google’s Local Pack. This special box shows a map with local businesses that meet the search term entered. It also includes your phone number, reviews, and other contact information.

Many times the Local Pack is more relevant and gets more attention than the #1 search result! That’s why being a local small business isn’t a drawback when it comes to digital marketing. It’s a superpower!

Why Should You Choose Local SEO Search For Child Care Centers Internet Marketing?

If you’re ready to drive traffic to your website and get more clients for your daycare center, you can see that digital marketing is essential. But why should you work with us at Local SEO Search instead of doing it yourself – or using another agency?

Here’s why.

  • We Specialize in Local Business

    Just like you can’t trust a great dog-sitter to watch a bunch of children, you can’t trust just any agency to take great care of your daycare marketing. You need a company that has helped thousands of small businesses just like yours – and we’re proud to be that agency.

  • We Offer Targeted Digital Marketing

    Your daycare is focused on a specific type of parent. Those ideal clients are exactly who we can target through SEO for daycare centers. You don’t want lots of traffic from just anyone – you want targeted leads who are specifically interested in what you offer. The right digital marketing does just that!

  • You’ll Understand Every Dollar of Your Marketing Investment

    Some agencies will ask you to commit thousands of dollars to a vague “we’ll improve things” marketing plan. You’ll never quite know what’s going on. Not Local SEO Search. We will break down your investment so you clearly understand where your money is going and how those efforts are translating into new, ideal clients.

You’ll Save Significant Time and Money

Trying to go it alone with your digital marketing is never a good idea. Most likely, you’ll struggle to be effective in your marketing and your business will also suffer. Instead, focus on what you do best and let us focus on our expertise. Your business will thrive!

Get Started With Daycare Digital Marketing Today

Being invisible online means being invisible in the marketplace. Your competitors are more than happy to take the traffic and leads from families searching Google for child care options. You can’t afford to be complacent – you need to implement the top strategies so your business will grow.

Fortunately, you’re not in this alone. We have dozens of years of combined experience in small business digital marketing, and we’re excited to help your business reach its goals. All you have to do is reach out for a free 30-minute consultation.

You’ll speak directly with our owner and SEO expert, John Vuong. He’ll review your current online presence and let you know where we can help make a difference in your growth and profitability.

If you already know you’re ready to grow with high-quality daycare SEO marketing, you may qualify for FREE keyword research and competitive analysis report. The value of this report is $999 and many agencies charge for it in your first month.

With us, you have the chance to get it for FREE. You’ll end up with a data-based foundation that will help you launch a digital marketing plan that matters. We’re here to get you started. Contact us today!