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SEO for Therapists

Being a therapist, especially in private practice, is very challenging. You not only have to create time and emotional space to meet with and support your clients, but you’re in charge of every other aspect of the business as well.

For example, you need to manage all of the paperwork associated with documenting your work and submitting claims to insurance. You have to maintain your office and pay rent, utilities, and more. You may manage a receptionist and, oh yeah, you need to attract new clients to your practice as well.

Like many people, you’re facing too much to do in too little time. That’s where SEO for psychologists and therapists comes in. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can create a website that brings in ready-to-schedule patients on a regular basis.

What is Counseling SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Almost everyone who is looking for services starts online. For example, someone might Google “therapist near me,” or they might search for “how to get help with depression.”

When they enter these search phrases, will they find your clinic?

If you’ve invested in SEO for counseling, the answer is yes. Being found on the internet isn’t a matter of chance — you need to invest in marketing strategies that optimize your website and help you show up on the first page of search results.

It isn’t easy to do alone, especially when you’re already running your own counseling business. You likely don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to get your website fully optimized and maintain it. That’s why outsourcing to Local SEO Search is such a great option.

We are different from other agencies because we are experts in small business. We don’t approach anything with a cookie-cutter mindset — instead, we take the time to truly understand your business and your needs, and then create a personalized plan.

We’ve helped thousands of small businesses succeed in digital marketing and we’d love to help you as well. It’s simple — just set up a free 30-minute consultation and we’ll answer all of your questions and find out how we can help you grow.

The Power of Local SEO For Therapy Practice

Some small business owners feel that because they are smaller company, they’re at a disadvantage online. However, the opposite is true!

The reality is that people who need your services often want to be seen in person, which means they need to be close to your office. Even if they do remote teletherapy, they have to see a therapist in their state due to licensing requirements. As a result, someone in New York cannot see a therapist in Arizona.

Google focuses on giving people results that are relevant to not only their search terms, but also to their local area. You can use this to your advantage by focusing your SEO on local keywords. That means you use keywords that include local information, such as your neighborhood, a major landmark, or the street your office is on.

It’s also important to completely fill out your Google Business Profile so that you can show up on the map of nearby businesses that fit the user’s search terms. This map, known as the Local Pack, also includes business name, contact information, and reviews.

The local pack is often the most relevant part of a search result, and gets the most attention. Optimizing your website for local search terms can help you stand out!

Why Should You Work With Local SEO Search for Therapy SEO?

You can see the power of bringing highly interested leads to your website, and you know the importance of digital marketing. But why should you work with Local SEO Search in particular, rather than doing it yourself or choosing another agency?

Here’s why:

We Specialize in Local Businesses. Just like you wouldn’t send a client with a specific need to a doctor with a completely different speciality, you don’t want to trust your marketing to just anyone. At Local SEO Search you can trust that we have the experience it takes to help you reach your goals.

We Offer Targeted Digital Marketing. Your clinic is focused on a particular type of patient with specific needs. With the right SEO strategies, you can optimize your website to bring those clients directly to you. You don’t want tons of traffic — you want tons of the right traffic, ideal clients who are ready to enroll today.

We Are Clear on How Your Investment is Used. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing agencies will simply ask you to pay a flat fee without giving you any information about how it’s used. With Local SEO Search we’ll break down exactly what services you receive so that you can be confident that every dollar is going to good use. We’ll also show you how your marketing is going and how those efforts are bringing you new clients.

You’ll Save Time and Money. Doing things on your own sounds good in theory, but in practice most people don’t have the time or expertise to do it right. As a result you’ll spend dozens of hours on marketing strategies that don’t work, and then you’ll have to hire an agency to make it right, which costs even more. Instead, go with the experts right away and contact Local SEO Search. You’ll be glad you did!

Get Started With SEO for Therapists Today

You can’t afford to be invisible online if you want your practice to survive and thrive. Your competitors are already online, so don’t wait another moment to get started with your SEO marketing.

You aren’t alone. With our many years of combined experience, our experts know exactly how to assess your company’s needs, create an effective marketing plan, and execute that plan. We’re excited to help you meet your goals.

When you reach out for your 30-minute consultation, you’ll speak to our owner and SEO expert John Vuong. He’ll review your current market position and let you know how we can help you grow.

If you already know you’re ready to get started with SEO for therapists, you may qualify to receive a FREE keyword research and competitive analysis report.

The value of this report is $999 and many agencies charge for it in your first month. With us, you have the chance to get it for FREE. You’ll end up with a marketing foundation based on real data that will help you launch an SEO plan that makes a difference.

It’s time for you to succeed. Contact us today!